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VMG Entertainment

VMG Entertainment was established in the beginning of 2019, by founder, Carlos Vargas. His vision entails creating impactful high quality productions for businesses, brands and large events. His work specializes in increasing engagment, communicates your brand effectively and leaving a lasting impression on your targeted audience. He has a team of highly talented and professional members that strive to create an optimal and sublime experience while having great customer service and of course personality, so every memory created whether captured or behind the scenes lasts a lifetime.

We provide professional creative direction and execution in all three verticals of production (pre, production, post).We are committed to creating ground-breaking and impactful content in a collaborative environment. 

Our production team is well versed in photography and videography productions and produce all of our projects from beginning to end. We have a wide resource of photographers, videographers, creative directors, stylists, editors, graphic designers, social media strategists and more. We are able to shoot up to 6k video resolution in RAW format, provide industry grade color-grading and rendering services to produce premiere content for all cinematic verticals. 


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